In today’s hectic times traveling by train is not so attractive and desirable, but that does not apply to the light rail (a.k.a narrow-gauge line) . A great combination of beauty and emotion! Traveling from station to station through the 35 tunnels, 4 bridges and all the beautiful places, you can see a new world – a different and interesting one. From September station trough Velingrad, the railway station Avramovo (1267 m above sea level – the highest station on the Balkan peninsula), Yakorouda, Razlog, Bansko and Dobrinishte. From the Uppertracian Valley, trough the Western Rhodopes, to Rila and Pirin.
Train speed does not exceed 35 km/h and thus enables us to enjoy the scenery along the way and even feel a little of everyday’s life of people using this transport on daily bases. Some going to work or school, others loaded with milk and agricultural produce, catching the train to one of the larger settlements, where they sell their wares. Locals always smiling and talkative, and tourists even singing and concert.
The locomotives themselves are an attraction. They are 50 years old and if supported, can last even more so. With good advertising and a desire for investment by the state, the light rail may be established as the Alpine rail in the Balkans.

Author: Petia Lazarova