Shutterpass Magazine has been created not only for photographers but also for everyone that want to have something beautiful in his day. This magazine is for everyone. Shutterpass Magazine is here to inspire, help, promote and support good photography. We have photographers from all around the world but also in our website we have designers, stylists, makeup artist & models.

We would like to promote all photographers, models, makeup artists, stylists and designer. We would like to show your work to a wide international audience. The plan is to show, in each issue, a number of selected images from several photographers. Also, there will be a section called “SPOTO” where you will have a chance to show and describe your favorite photo.

We will be doing editorial photoshoots in United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Spain, Poland, France, Italy & Greece. Let us know if you want to join in one of this shoots.

We are not aiming to make it technical magazine or full of reviews, interviews and articles. We would like to make sure that everyone can enjoy it and not get bored with long and boring technical aspects. We aim to inspire.

Also, a little bit of history, introducing some old well known photographers, and those less known but also good.

And after all that soon fresh videos made to inspire and help you and why not even have some fun with us.




Dimitar Ganchev – Founder & CEO

Social Media Ninjas
Edyta Alicja Ratzko – Facebook editor
Kevin Bessat – Facebook editor
Emiliya Gyuleva – instagram editor
Paola Blondi – website editor/author
Adrian W Thurm – twitter & google plus editor

Video Gurus 
Ivan Mitrev – YouTube Channel manager/content creator
Tanzita Shumanska – Director Video Department
Stefan Varbanov – Head video editor & Lead operator
Dominik Fritz Photography – Video editor

Plamen Tsvetninov Stanchev – Behind the scenes photographer