I’ve always been interested in photography and design but never really had a chance to test my potential in this area. I love being surrounded by beautiful things. It calms me down and restores balance in my life. Being a busy person, a wife and mom, working full-time and running a small business, being a sensitive person with creative soul I felt that I was missing something. Thanks to photography I could finally fill that gap, I feel that this is it, that I’m at the right place at last, and it only makes me wonder why I haven’t started doing it earlier?

I’m a person with many interests and artistic skills. As a child I used to be pretty good at drawing. Later I took a few classes and I was pretty good at pencil sketches and chalk. I loved that! I also graduated from music school – I’m a violinist. My life however took an entirely different path leading me to Ireland, where I took up a stable clerical job, got happily married and gave birth to my amazing daughter.

My artistic side has been pushed away for some time, but not for long. I always wanted to know how to create websites, so I spent a few months learning the coding language and some basic graphic design and I became a webmaster at my job. At that time I knew that I’d love to go further into graphic design because I wanted to be able to create beautiful images. I haven’t developed that skill yet, however that inspired me to take up photography. So… here I am 

With a great help of my husband who used to do photography in the past I took my first steps with a camera and eventually created Crystal Dot Photography. It became our mutual passion in which we complement one another. My husband is very good at technical matters and has some excellent ideas for photo shoots, which we always do together. I’m more into photo editing process although I also enjoy taking photos and having some influence on the process of creating the whole picture. I love to feel that special connection with the models I work with.

My works are mainly focused on women and portraits. I was experimenting a lot in the beginning, my first idea was sensual, boudoir photography. I still do it, however once I found out what great potential open air has and I discovered a few beautiful Irish spots, my photography has taken a slightly different path. Ireland has many breath-taking magical places thanks to which I can bring out a more ethereal, fantasy effect which I’ve always been a great fan of.