Sevilla / Spain


Canon5D MK III
Canon 85 mm L f/1.2
Canon 50 mm L f/1.2


Not for being ordinary is less amazing how we are able to capture the light into a photo. Colors, gestures, even emotions are trapped with a single click.

I’ve been always a science guy: engineering, software, internet, space… my job makes me travel a lot worldwide and I always took pictures to show the family and friends the places I had been visiting.

When I showed them to my friends I realised I was not successful in capturing neither the view, nor the feelings I had when I was there so I decided to learn photography with the firm commitment to be able to capture “feelings through light”. That was back in 2014, since then I’ve tried to learn myself from the best by watching and studying their work. Jake Olson or Elena Shumilova are probably my most admired ones.

I finally found that portrait is the area where I can express myself more comfortably and I really love it. I have no more ambition than to capture the light the way I like it, I have no more goal than Writing with Light just for me. But if I can arise some emotions in the viewer along the way, my joy will be higher.