Hello everyone my name is Diego Garrido Miranda born in Cordoba in 1969 my life has never been marked by photography although if I was a child I liked it a lot … when I turned 16 I bought my first camera an Agfa Pocket reel with which I began to make my first photos but only with animosity of personal satisfaction …. with the passing of the years I put aside this aspect of mine … with the return of the digital era I encouraged and bought a Sony At 350 with which I began to familiarize myself, I wanted to give a twist to my photographs … but the most reason for me was a Samsung S3 from there and my passion for photographing … my wife encouraged me to do a course of photography ….. from the hand of my first teacher Pepe Cañadilla I gave a course of three months that helped me to manage my camera and learn a bit of photoshop and composition … my enthusiasm to learn something more It gave me the opportunity to take a long daytime exposure course from Master Jose Beut at which I am enormously grateful to give life to something so ungrateful as are the networks of the Ebro Delta (Spain) …. I am a self-taught photographer I do not believe in currents … because the currents come and go … neither I set a particular goal just to keep moving forward a little bit more. The minimal picture is my passion … thanks to everyone and to the next