Eduardo Pereira Gorgozo (AKA Edu Pereira) was born in Spain in 1972, in a small city called Ferrol. He was early influenced by local folklore involving faeries and supernatural creatures so that his work is heavily marked by it. At age of 8, won his first Photography contest with a picture called “classroom wars”, and he was awarded his very first camera.

He attended La Coruña University becoming graduated at engineering, and combining image and sound studies.

His first image approaches, were nature landscapes from the privileged coast of Galician county, where he lives even now days, but lately he turned to become publicity, fashion and author photographer.

His work cover publicity showed in several countries, as the Ish Gin, and several fashion and accessories companies.

Edu Pereira has appeared in several of the main Photography Magazines of Spain, as Arte Fotográfico (creative photography editorial), DGN (cover), Galicia de Moda, Molin de la LLum, Ateneo Fotográfico, etc…

Actually, he combines Photography and CGI to create high impact images, oriented to publicity mainly.

In 2017, will have his first book called “Partes de ti” in association with a Rolling Stone magazine awarded musician, where poetry and photography get together.