Goran Jordanski was born in 25/12/1976 in Smederevo, Serbia. He lives in Lozovik, near Smederevo and originates from a family of the artists, painters and sculptors. He has successfully engaged in painting from the early childhood, exhibiting several times and being continually awarded. Painting knowledge will enable him first photographic steps. He will used photography as a hobby as well as an amateur before moving further into the practice in 1993. During 2005 he entered to the professional field of photography. Sometimes as a professional engagement or according to the requirements he is photographing the most diverse genres, avoiding commercial photography whenever it’s possible. But whenever he can make a concession to create and to search for the expression of his inner being, he is usually taking photos of the people and nature, finding that as the scene where he enjoys the most. Jordanski’ photos could be found in the private collections, publications, catalogs, magazines, in various types of advertising resources (commercial photography). Many photos by Goran Jordanski are stored in Web archives: on more or less known photo websites ( The National Geographic, The Vogue, Canon etc.), for which he received respective awards. He is familiar with design and amateur acting. Has many hobbies and comprehensive personality.