Have you heard of Dragoman marsh? And were you ever there?
If somebody had asked these questions a few years ago, I would reply that I do not know about the existence of this place, but today my answer would seem so …
As you might have guessed from its name, Dragoman marsh is located near the town of Dragoman, or just 1.5 kilometers east of it and only 38 km from the capital Sofia. It is at the foot of the mountain Chepan and occupies an area of about 350 ha!

But enough lessons in geography!

Dragoman Marsh is one of those places of which you have not heard, it is not in the “Top 10 -…” and is not pretending to be anything spectacular, but at the same time you can lose hours there, shooting the rich vegetation and animals, including hundreds of species of birds (about 160!!!) that inhabit this area, including the Red Heron (also known as Rusty Heron) – a protected species. Built in 2008 wooden bridges, take you into the very swamp where you can enjoy the beautiful water lilies and carnivorous plant, walking literally a few centimeters above the water! A watchtower was built in the middle of the swamp that gives you 360 degree view as of “bird’s eye”! Of course, lovers of landscape and macro photography will not be disappointed. All that makes it a little paradise for photography, leisure and meeting place with some of the protected plant and animal species in Bulgaria. Definitely a place that I will visit again!

Author: Dimitar Mahnev