Sergeev 05

Would you please tell us something more about yourself?
I was born in Targovishte in 1978. When I was 3 my parents moved to Varna. Since I was little I’m keen about arts as I’ve been involved in absolutely all kinds of arts and I’ve been devoted to each one giving all my passion and desire. My longest involvement has been in theater as since 5 I’m playing Santa Claus. That’s why I had an extremely happy childhood that later grew into very intensive teenage period that I spent rapidly with joy and intensity. I finished doing folly “things” early when I was 19 and started my own company working what I still love. On way through life I went through Sofia, Koln, Vienna, and at the moment I live in New York.

How did you start making pictures?
My first aspirations in photography were along the theater. There is one incredible magic in watching how people become different people. How although for short time they live another life with all joy and pain how make the character and follow it with all its purposes and drama. All this put in specially made environment, costumes, lights, music. I’m still very much impressed by this. I used to like to observe the emotions on people’s faces, their movement on the stage, that turning into and out of character, everything. Over time some people from various fields wanted from me to make pictures of different things for them and that just became serious and turned into profession for me.

How did you find your own photography style?
I am a desperate perfectionist and restless pedant, and this is very helpful in photography, especially when you should perform something that is intended in advance as it is in the commercial photography. As I have a very tempting desire to observe and create beautiful things, I’m nonstop trying to add something from me in what I do and that’s why I participate actively in the making process of the commercials that I do. That’s how I made of myself “conceptual commercial photographer”.

What is photography about You?
I am not sure I can easily answer this question. The feeling is just too strong in order to be able to express it. However I could very well keep quiet to this particular question.

What inspires you?
Many simple things that are actually the most complexed ones. Human faith for example. The faith in good inspires me extremely much. Also inspires me walk in the mountain, nice book or movie, also Hans Cimer.

What is important for you when you shoot portraits?
Shooting people is extremely difficult. You should see beyond their outlook no matter how cliched this may sound. Though to be able to spot some prosaic things as geometry, tonality and other physical features in order to decide how to cope with them in the most effective way. You should not forget that what is inside is spot outside and the photographer should learn himself to read and use it properly.

How do you make the model feel comfortable in order to get really good final result?
Every time I see a human in front of me. With their peculiarities, delights and pains. Before being a model, dancer, athlete or whatever he is just human. And it is just today, not tomorrow, not in general, but today. With their today’s problems and delights. I try never to forget this and no matter how busy the producing is I spend some time to help the model feel human. This is just priceless and extremely important to the very results and the producing. We are first humans and then professionals.

Which is your favorite picture?
I have a shot that I made many years ago for a calendar of Radio Atlantic Hit Mix. The story is quite long to be told but shortly in the making of this shot took part so many people and so many moving elements had to be fit that it was almost impossible the shot to be made. However the shot that I used was the very first shot of this session.

What is necessary in your opinion for shot to be perfect?
As I mentioned earlier: Faith 🙂

Is there a picture that You’ve always wanted to make but still haven’t made it?
Well I think no. For sure it’s not a separate shot. I’m not keen for separate shots for a long time already. I’m rather interested in researches and surveys, whole projects, productions. I have several personal projects that consist series of shots, which I still postpone because of work but I believe their time will come. There are clients for whom I would like to shoot, Cirque Cu Soleil for example.

Who is your idol worldwide?
My favourite photographer of all times is Richard Avedon. Favourite visualists for me are Erwin Olaf, Bruno Aveillan, Guy Ritchie.

What kind of technics you like to work with and what exactly you like about it?
If you mean technical equipment I don’t think I have a favourite one. Depending on the specific task the right kind of equipment is being used. Nowadays we have access to whatever equipment that we could think about. There is no such thing any more that we cannot make real and the only thing important is human and their characteristics. So I can conclude that I like working with certain people more than with others, however regarding equipment- whatever the certain case requires.
If you mean technique of expression I prefer movement, the expressive utterance, everything to be in range and in properly interacting to each other colours. A little piece of surrealism is also not common for me. I love the mild lighting and talking about this I would say I am more classic.

What sort of awards you’ve received through the years so far and with which on you are mostly?
I’ve received many awards through the last years actually. I was selected to be in the top 200 digital artists in the world, I became a photographer of the year by, I won several golden medals on some world competitions, however my biggest achievement is Grand Prix 2014 on the world largest photo salon- Trierenberg Super Circuit.

What would be your advice to the young photographers that are just about to start with photography?
If I haven’t mentioned it above: to have faith! 🙂
Really whenever I am asked this question based on my experience I always say the following three things: First comes the faith- one should believe that there is no way to be wrong if doing the right things. Your photography is the best and your way of seeing things is the most proper one. Second: Devotion- one must be ready to sacrifice one thing in the name of another, and photography as any other thing requires sacrifice in order to reach the level that you want to reach. And last: One must not be afraid to try, just let him make a huge quantity of bad shots, just to learn from them till he starts shooting masterpieces.

What is your photo-mission?
I don’t think I have a photo mission. If there is anything that is closer to this, this is the fact, that I have a need to look nonstop at beautiful things and that’s why I create them myself periodically. So perhaps this is the aim of my photography, as far as it refers to myself.

What would you like to wish to our readers?
To be always ravenous and eager and to be always on focus, as from time to time make shots that are totally out of focus. This helps in seeing the other objects.