I was born in 1971 and I live in the Netherlands. I started photography when I got my first dog. Her name is Zoë and she is my muse. She is always by my side. When she turned 1 year of age I wanted to make some great action shots. Zoë is a small black & white sighthound and she runs incredibly fast. Right at that moment I realized I needed more skills and a different camera to make crisp sharp photos that stand out. I started to learn all about the specific photography I was interested in. This is: My dog, action and studio photography. Nowadays, my photography is completely focussed on dogs. I developed my photo skills also by taking plenty of time with the dogs who are in front of my camera to know their personality and their individual character. I explore the human aspects recognizable in each of them, what makes us feel so close to them. Trying to express the charchacter like it’s almost as if you know what the dog is thinking about. I’m trying to make photos that are unique, funny and irresistible. Because of my own dog I love photographing sighthounds. They are really photogenic but I really do love all breeds. It’s fantastic to have the oppertunity as a dog photographer to meet all kind of dogs who come to my studio!

I’m intriqued by light. I love to bend the light, especially in my studio, like a painter would do. To not only express the mood and feeling of the dog in front of my camera but also to put emotion in the picture as a whole. Every detail in the photo is important to make it complete and satisfying to look at. It’s not just a photo of a dog but it’s the feeling hidden within the photo.

In my photographs I always love to tell a small story. The story lies hidden in the details. For example, the specific character of the dog. Mostly reflected by body language and through the glance of the eyes. As they say; the eyes are the mirror of the soul. That’s what I like to express. The details I see while observing reflected in a photo.

My overall vision is; always stay close to yourself. I believe you make the best photos when you take photos not just with your camera but also with your whole heart…