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Who are you & what do you do?
My name is Refki Gollopeni, I was born on 27th of November in 1965, I live and work in Kosovo, I work in different areas of art, such as: in painting, graphic design, photography and other art media, while two times per week I lecture with children and young students at the Centre for Creative Education “Fellbach House”. I work as an advisor in the department of Culture in the municipality of Theranda, I am the artistic director of the International festival of Animation “TAFF” (Theranda Animation Film Festival), I am also the artistic director of the Festari International Art Colony.

What inspired you to become an artist?
The love for life, nature, family and human society. The love for peace, freedom and for the development of the human civilization, are some of the things that had inspired and influenced me to become an artist. Therefore, love is the main source that fills me with creative energy, but there are also the different spiritual distress which come from events of everyday life.

As a professional, what is the goal you would like to achieve?
I wish that my artistic creativity would be in the service of community, humanity, providing happiness, freedom and I hope it would be in the serve of education. My main goal is that the message of my artistic work would provide the good, to radiate positive energy, and fighting the negative phenomena in society. My desire is to do qualitative art, communicative and functional art also useful for the people.

What do you like about being an artist?
A friend of mine Ragip Sylaj who is a writer many times quoted the saying “We artists are very lucky to have ART , that never let to die”, so when I said above that the love for life is my inspiration to create, it is also the reason I want to be an artist.

Is there something you don`t like about being an artist?
While I have a lot of passion and I have done a great investment to become who I am today, I have never thought about not being an artist. I feel good doing art and I have found my spiritual peace and freedom in art.

 What/Who is your guidance in life & art work?
I have never asked explanation to myself who pushed me to become an artist, within me always existed and there is still the passion and love for art, the feeling for beauty is fed early since my childhood from my parents who gave me courage and self-confidence, they taught me the virtues of love, kindness and generosity. It is understood that during my growth as an artist are well deserved my art teachers and the influence of great artists who made history in the world of art.

Are there things you would like to change in people opinion about art?
Art is not only for luxury, but is also a spiritual need, in this sense I mean that art should be assessed more because it is an inseparable part of life and precedes the development of human civilization. I would like for the field of art education to be developed more, I want for art to become avant-garde, to be consistent with the scientific and technological development but at the same time being careful in preservation of the spiritual art character.

Which is your favorite work and why is the favorite one?
My favorite work is painting and design. I prefer painting because there I have my freedom of creative and emotional expression, whereas I like the design because it is easier for me to communicate with the people and through different applications I am in service and in direct contact with the community.

If you could go back in time, would you choose to be an artist again?
Many times it seems to me that even in early time I lived the same as I am today, as an artist, but I am pretty sure that nevertheless in another time I would have chosen to be an artist. I think that art is the continuity of life, I continue to be alive through art.

Thank you so much.