Today I will present you familiar and preferred place for many photographers. The location is remarkable and full of history. Located in Bulgaria, near to the capital – Sofia. The dam “Pchelina” place with astonishing scenery. On the shore of the lake is the medieval church “St. Joan Letni” (St. Joan Summer) – the most recognizable and magical place. The church is built in 1350 year on top of a high cliff from which you can see wonderful panorama. The amazing thing is how the architecture of the medieval church communicates with two wooden crosses right in front of it and with magnificent horizon. In good weather condition , you can capture the extraordinary spectacle of sun and clouds reflecting in the water mirror. From the top of the hill you have good perspectives and dynamic rocky area. A wide variety of birds, moving on a good distance for lovers of wildlife photography. Also rich world for macro photography. If u have will and patience for photography you can visit the place from sunrise till sunset, and why not and for wonderful night under the stars. You will definitely have time to feel and project your desired photos. The place is quiet and peaceful, and each season brings its own magic. There is also easy access to the lake. Definitely it worth to visit it, and for those who already have been there, they know that won’t be the last visit.

Author: Antonya Simeonova