How did you get involved with music and how did you discover your attraction to it?

The music is in my family for generations, my great grandfather was a conductor, my grandfather – a trombonist,  I continue the tradition in the family. My interest arose in early childhood, but it was developed in Children’s Choir ” Druzhna Pesen ” with conductor Metodii  Grigorov.  After 10 years cooperation with the maestro, I decided to continue with classical singing at the National Musical Academy,  together with professor Jasmina Kostova. 

What are for you the music and the singing? 

Ou, the answer to that question is a matter of infinity… The Music is a mystery that will never be revealed completely. A new world in our world, the best way to express emotions, to comprehend the world, to feel.  Even breathing and sense of yourself changes, when listening to music, and a person that can sing is blessed. Music-making is like creating a new life.

Does the fact that you are from a musical family obliges you to be successful in that field or you think you can follow your own way without being influenced?

I do not take it as an obligation. I believe that everyone should have their own way in life to follow, without being influenced by anyone.  I took that way because I consider it to be the right one, my best choice in life, and it might contribute something good to the world.

Do you think the Opera has a future in Bulgaria? Though recently there was a rumor that some of the great opera halls in the country might be closed. 

The Opera has a future,  people are in need of  the art from antiquity. Time, politics, generations, science and technology are changing, but people`s souls and their inner longings will never change. As deplorable financing and supporting culture in Bulgaria is, the stage will not close the curtains. The need is huge, in the last year I see more and more filled halls, the audience is enthusiastic for new shows. I hope that this information will remain in the past and there will be projects for the cultural development in Bulgaria. 

Do you think that through art people can become better and that the art can improve the mentality of the Bulgarians? Yet art has many forms and each one has a different strength.

In my opinion this is the mission of art, to bring peace, beauty and love.  Something so pure and divine can only be to the benefit of mankind. 

Do you have interest in other kinds of art, different than music and singing? What do you like doing in your spare time?

I have great interests in Motorsports and especially in the Rally, to me it is a science and art. I enjoy photography and like most of the people – to discover the beauty of Bulgaria. I am happiest when all of those things are done together with good friends. 

Great, so we can identify you as a person who cannot do without art in each and every day!

Yes, even if it sounds trivial, I would say that I live in art and art lives in me. 

What is to you being on the stage? Can you describe the feeling? What the music career gives you and what does it take away?

The Feeling that all eyes in the hall are staring at you is indescribable. You feel the energy of the people and their emotions. And when you see that you have fulfilled your mission to re-create characters in a realistic way, when you see excitement the and tears, this is the big prize.The tenor Aron  Aron says: ” The fee will be spent, but the applause last a lifetime.” Of course, all this is happening thanks to a hard work, deprivation, the neglect of many favorite things, a little spare time. The difficulty of singing is great, physically and mentally. It requires a lot of time and efforts to master the technique of singing, making music, acting. This is extremely complex profession.Yet, everyone says that the best things take a long time, hard work and strong will. 

How do you see the future of the Opera in the upcoming years?

To this question I cannot answer. I would rather say how I would like to see it. I want to preserve the purity of the Opera without unrealistic, ” contemporary ” directions, which alter the fundamental importance of the Opera title, to keep the traditions and the memories of the golden generations, to bring back to the Opera the audience, mostly at our native opera houses. The most important is we all to work in the name of the theater, the audience and the art.

Thank you so much for your sincere answers! At the end, what would you wish to our magazine and readers?

Thank you too for your attention! To the magazine and the readers I wish a lot of success and creative inspiration. Do everything with love, truth, satisfaction and do not forget to smile!

Reporter: Elena Bakurlieva