You want to shoot, no matter for hobby or its your profession, spending much time on photography, photo processing, uploading on various social networks, studying techniques, methods and tricks and much more… Why is it good make a personal site that presents in networks like Flickr, 500px, etc.?

And once you’ve decided to get in on, from where to start? Its not necessarily professionally to deal with photography to have your website / portfolio. You can make a website to upload the images you like and want to show the world. This is your personal place that represents who you are and it should happen in the best way possible.

There are several options from which you can choose when you want to make a portfolio.

One option is to make your design, which then can be cut and programmed. This is not a good choice if you want to deal with the project without qualification or not hire someone to do it for you, because here you have to commit at least a developer to cut design and draw CMS, In which to manage content in your site, and of curse a designer if you don’t have experience in web design. This is laborious and requires time and budget. If you do not intend this for a living is unnecessary to choose this way. However, if you are enthusiastic, courageously go forward. Show us the result will be glad to see it.

Another alternative is WordPress theme to implement your own domain and hosting. Here you will need at least basic knowledge of the platform and understanding of Html. Of course there are available countless tutorials online that you orient how to work with the platform, how to install theme (which might other do for you, often the people from who you buy the theme offer installation. On you remain customizing and uploading content). It is a good idea if you intend over time to improve the function of your site and to become with more professional parameters.

Very affordable and easier way to navigate to the platforms, which are designed specifically for a portfolio of various creative professions and hobbies. Often profile on these sites is free, unless you want to remove the extension of the site on behalf of his personal portfolio. If you want personalized name, many of them offer a monthly / annual fee to change a name of your choice.
There are many suitable for the purpose platforms such as:

They allow you to build your portfolio directly online from a selected topic and a short time to customize your site so that it reflects your interests and preferences. Whichever you choose from these options, remember that the idea of your site is to show your photos, make use optimally the space orientation to design the entire width (1920 pixels) and must consider responsive design to allow your site to be viewed from any device. If you choose the third option portfolio you will directly be responsive, which is very convenient. In terms of structure, it is best to try your best to be clear, abstain from long titles of the pages too many pages and unclear navigation.

Author: Tania Aleksieva